This artificial lift and pumping solutions company provides products and services to the E&P and oilfield production industry. Through their tremendous growth at a fast pace, they found themselves in need of an over arching cohesive company brand so that their customers and employees were connected and informed. LJF Marketing created the "boiler plate" for communications throughout the company so that individual divisions could be viewed as part of the Accelerated brand. More...
Employees of Accelerated now feel they are connected and informed. The new company branding and standards guide has helped us to build the image we wanted and needed. Our customers can now make more informed decisions regarding product solutions. There is more of a chance for product and corporate recognition with our new look in our market place through our association with LJF Marketing. With our continued plan to strengthen our company through product innovation and acquisition of companies, it is vitally important to have made this decision to partner with LJF Marketing. -- David Martin
President, Accelerated Production Systems